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Wonderchef Chef Magic Now Available !
You're juicing all wrong - why cold pressed juice is better

You're juicing all wrong

Whether you are a health fanatic looking for a diet cleanse or you are just looking for a cold and refreshing drink, juice is always the first bet, but here’s the catch, you are making it all wrong and on top of that not reaping the full benefits of those juicy nutrients. 

If you are starting out on your work out journey and are looking for the best ways to pack in calories in the healthiest way possible and you’ve started adding more fruits to your shopping cart, then cold pressed juice is your new best friend, which is easier to consume and also contains all the nutrients and calories that you need.

Forget gym rats that are looking to rev up their health, cold pressed juices are also a great addition to anyone on a liquid diet, that includes any older person who cannot eat fruits or vegetables as whole pieces and need it to be fluid. That’s where cold pressed juice makes all the difference. So, what makes cold pressed juice better than normal juice?

Essentially, cold pressed juice is made using a hydraulic press, to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. It preserves more vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and the authentic taste of the fruit or vegetable,  than when you toss the fruit into your blender. 

When you make juice using a blender, which is yes - simpler, a small amount of heat is produced that ultimately destroys some of the essential nutrients, this method also results in the separation of the fruit’s flesh from the juice.  Cold pressing helps to preserve these nutrients because it is not exposed to heat like it would be in normal juicing. The ingredients for cold pressed juice are organic, that is, you would only use the fruit to make the juice, you would not need to add extra flavoring or sweeteners like sugar to enhance the taste.

Go ahead and give it a try yourself to better understand why we swear by it. That being said, owning a cold press juicer and making a drink for yourself is much easier and cost effective. That’s where investing in a cold press juicer that’s easy to clean, user friendly and safe even for kids is a wise choice. Check out our store collection


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